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Kikuchi Clan

The Strength to Trust in Yourself

  • The 10th family head, Takefusa
  • The 12th family head, Taketoki
  • The 13th family head, Takeshige
  • The 15th family head, Takemitsu
  • The 17th family head, Taketomo
  • Profile
  • History Timeline
  • Chronicle
  • Historic Strolls
  • Ten Unforgettable Stories of The Kikuchi Clan
  • Animated Movie, "The Kikuchi Clan"

What is the Kikuchi Clan

There was a prosperous family in northern part of Kumamoto, Kyushu. The family (Kikuchi Clan) was so prosperous for 450 years (from Heian Period to Muromachi Period) , that the name Kikuchi became the name of the city. During their prime, the Kikuchi Clan occupied the entire Kyushu area, but they disappeared within the wave of history. We want to share some of their stories.

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