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Last Modified:1/25/2017

 Kikuchi’s Charm was chosen at Rio Olympics

During Ryo Olympics and Paralympics Games in 2016, "Tokyo 2020 JAPAN HOUSE" was open to advertise the next Olympic Site, Japan. Forty-three pictures from all over Japan were chosen to show the beauty of Japan, and two were chosen from Kikuchi. One is "Rice Paddy of Kikuchi," reflecting the cumulonimbus cloud in the summer sky, the other one is "Kikuchi Gorge," showing the beautiful contrast of fresh vegetation of May and the mountain streams. Why don't you visit this beautiful Kikuchi?

Coutry View Shown at Rio Olympic

Kikuchi Gorge at RIo Olympic


Sightseeing Gide Book “City of Kikuchi with Lots of YU”

The "YU” in the title “Kikuchi with lots of YU” is the key word to describe Kikuchi. The word "YU” has many other meanings such as YU (癒) healing, YU(優) gentleness, YU(結) bond & Connection, YU(愉) fun, YU (遊) play, besides YU (湯) hot water. "YU” represents this charming town, Kikuchi. Enjoy all the "YU”s in Kikuchi.

Masterd Flower and Cherry Blossoms

Outdoor Bath


Chosen as one of the ideal coutrysides to live; ”Life in Countrysides” February 2017 Issue

Life in Countrysides February 2017Kikuchi was chosen as one of the ideal places to live in Japan at the 5th "Japan's Ideal Countryside Ranking" again this year.

Kikuchi was chosen:

20th as an ideal countryside to live in

18th as an ideal place among the young generation

9th as an ideal place among families with small children

Kikuchi has enough publically certified nursery schools, and services and support systems for children are well provided. These factors seem to attract the young generation.

The magazine is available at bookstores and convenient stores in Japan.




Winners of the International Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation

The 8th International Ontest on Rice Evaluation ConpetitionKikuchi Rice grown by Hideomi Hotta was awarded the Gold Prize at the 18th International Contest on the Rice Taste Evaluation held on the 3rd and 4th of December 2016 in Kikuchi.

Also,Tashiro Kosuke and Mitsusaku Kikunaga both from Shichijo, Kikuchi received special awards.

This is the biggest rice evaluation contest with over 5,500 rice competing from all over the world.

Congratulations to the winners!


"Discover Japan Travel, Superb View of Japan" January 2015 Issue

Discover Japan Travel, Superb View of JapanIn the book "Discover Japan Travel; Superb View of Japan", Kikuchi Gorge was chosen as one of the superb views not to be missed in Japan.

The book is available at bookstores and also online.








Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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