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Festivals in Kikuchi

Last Modified:2/6/2017

Many festivals are held throughout the year. Let us share these festivals.

Kikuchi Cherry Blossom Festival

During spring, various festivals and events such as Kikuchi Dolls Festival and Kikuchi Clan Festival are held. Kikuchi Park is illuminated during the Cherry Blossom season, and many visitors come to enjoy the outstanding, gorgeous view.


 Girls Doll Festival


 Kikuchi White Dragon Summer Festival

A Giant White Dragon 50 meters in length starts with the sound of firecrackers. The audience’s eyes become fixed on the dragon rampaging around. At the climax of the festival, colorful fireworks in the night sky inspire the audience.

Hakuryu Photo

hakuryu Dance

Statue of Takemits and Fireworks


Kikuchi Fall Festival

Starting at the Kikuchi Shrine Grand Festival Parade, Mikoshi ( portable shrine ) is carried by children. Dance and Taiko Drum groups march through the main street. The Kikuchi Matsubayashi Noh (a national treasure) is performed.

Matsubayashi NOh

Kikuchi Fall Festival Matrix6

Kikuchi Fall Festival Matrix4


Shisui Fall Festival 

For the main event, Chinese ritual, dance in Chinese costumes and music by Chinese instruments are performed. 

Shisui Festival 2

Shisuri Festival1



There are more interesting local festivals such as “( theatrical )Wife Taking Festival” and “ Konomiya Dance” which have been performed for hundreds of years.

Wife Taking Festival

Konomiya Dance






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