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The Beauty in Kikuchi

Last Modified:12/28/2016

Kikuchi Gorge RiverBench

Cosmos at Kikuchi River

Kikuchi is blessed with many tourist attractions such as the Kikuchi Gorge with over 300,000 visitors every year. Kikuchi's Hot Spring has been nominated as one of the top 100 Hot Springs. Kikuchi not only has beautiful nature with cherry blossoms, cosmos, and fireflies; but also historic sites of Kikuchi clan and more.


Kikuchi Gorge

Kikuchi Gorge is a natural forest in the northwest of Mt. Aso. Kikuchi Gorge, the primary source of Kikuchi River, is covered by dense evergreens. The streams running there make various shallows and falls. The view of Kikuchi Gorge is breathtaking.

In spring, flowers bud, providing an absolutely amazing site to see. The Gorge is a great summer getaway spot because the streams and greens keep the temperature lower. You can enjoy a cool day in the shade. Fall in Kikuchi Gorge looks completely different from summer. The view, woven by autumn leaves and the stream, is picturesque. The fragile and gorgeous frost flowers blooms in winter. Kikuchi Gorge is a spot where we can enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the year.


Kikuchi Gorge Photo40


Kikuchi Park

Kikuchi Park on the hilltop has the superb city view. You can enjoy the 3,000 Cherry Blossoms of 22 varieties even at night with illuminated lanterns during the season. The park has a grass picnic area and big athletics grounds that are both popular among youths and families.

Cherry Blossoms and Azaria

Kikuchi Park in Spring



Mt. Kuradake

“Kuradake Hiking” is chosen as one of the best hiking courses, and the view of Mt.Kuju, Mt. Aso, Sea of Ariake, and Unzen from the top of Kuradake is literary breathtaking. You may go up to the 9th station by car. How about stopping by “Shiki no Sato, Kyokushi” hot spring on the way back?

Mt. Kuradake

Mt. Kurdake in distance


Ryumon Dam (Dragon Gate Dam)

It is located in the upper Hasama River and one of the biggest multipurpose dams in Japan. The Lake Hanjaku is used for boat practice and race, and the Lake Hanja Park around the dam is divided in Wind Plaza, Flower Plaza, and Moon Plaza. The park is an ideal spot for strolling and fishing.

Ryumon Dam1




Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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