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Kikuchi Petit Episodes; Nishidera Rokuden-jinja Shrine

Last Modified:10/1/2014
Nishidera Rokuden-jinja Shrine
Nishidera Rokuden-jinja Shrine

Location: Nishidera, Kikuchi

According to “Higo kokushi”, This shrine was established at the time of the 20th head Tamekuni who served as the head of Higo from 1446-1466.


The 20th head Kikuchi Tamekuni

Tamekuni had his brothers govern Takuma, Uto, Yatsushiro of Kumamoto and most of Saga and Nagasaki, and he put efforts on trading.

After giving his position to Shigetomo at the age of 37, he devoted himself to the study and education in Kikuchi.


Planning Section, Planning and Promotion Division, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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