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The 17th head, Taketomo (1363-1407)

Last Modified:10/17/2022

Takemasa's eldest son

Because of the death of Takemasa, Taketomo succeeded the family at the age of 12. Takemasa welcomed Prince Yoshinari, a nephew of Prince Kanenaga, as a General of Kyushu.

In 1375, he tried to recover from the setback supporting Prince Yoshinari starting with the "Battle of Mizushima" and the "Battle of Takumabaru," but Moriyamajo was taken by Imagawa Ryoshun, the Guard of Kyushu. When disagreements among the Southern Court arose a little bit before the unification of the Northern and Southern Courts, "Kikuchi Tomonari's Request" was handed to the Southern Court to obtain the sufficient legitimacy. In this request, Kikuchi is written as the same bloodline of Fujiwara clan.

Even after the unification of the Northern and Southern Courts, Taketomo was appointed as the Guard of Higo.

Taketomo's tomb is at Sintokuji Temple in Shigemi, and also at Hiegata.



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