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Shibue Ryufuku  (1858-1896)

Last Modified:5/15/2017

Shibue Ryufuku, the eldest son of Banka, also known as Konei, started learning from his father at around age 7, and his talent came to be known by age 13 or 14.

While teaching at Banka’s private Sonshi-do School, he taught at Shiraki Elementary school in Ryumon. He finished Kumamoto Teachers College in one year with honors, and taught at Kikuchi Elementary School. He contributed to the public education in Kikuchi teaching at Kikuchi Junior High School besides teaching at his Sonshi-do School.

He was also active in politics. In 1888, he became a prefecture assembly member at age 31, and a member of the House Representatives at age 37. He contributed to keep the name of Kikuchi County. It can be said that this is one of the biggest political success.

For Municipal Mergers that was scheduled in 1896, there was a plan to combine and rename Kikuchi and Koshi as Kikushi County. At that time, Ryufuku insisted to keep the name of Kikuchi since “Kikuchi is the home base of the Kikuchi Clan that had been prosperous.” Thus, the name of Kikuchi County was saved.

Ryufuku served in education and politics, but died early in 1896 because of an illnesss.

In April this year, a wooden tag was found at an old house that is believed to be the site of the Sonshi-do School. The Sonshi-do School was expanding due to the increase of students that time. Shofuku might have made this wooden tag with prayers for the future.

Wodden Tag


Social Education Section, Lifelong Learning Division, Education Board of Kikuchi City

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