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Series of Kikuchi Heritage 76 (Kurumaishi Hachiman-gu Shrine & Nakayama Nakasu Konpira Sacred Stone)

Last Modified:12/31/2016


Kurumaishi Hachiman-gu Shrine


The Kurumaishi Hachiman-gu Shrine in Nakahara-ku has been worshiped as a local guardian god since the early Edo era. 14 Shrine parishioners rebuilt the shrine in 2015, and it has been used for the shrine rituals and events.


Kurumaishi Hachiman-gu Shrine


Nakayama Nakasu Konpira Sacred Stone

“Konpira san” is a sacred stone located near Lake Hanjaku.

It is said that the local residents used to pray for a safe pilgrimage to Sacred Ise in the past.

You will see a memorial monument, a ritual cleaning stone, and a statue of a Buddhist practitioner, “En.” En is believed to have practiced at various mountains including Mt. Yoshino and Mt. Omine in Nara.

His name “En” and the word “En” (destiny in Japanese) are pronounced the same, therefore, his statue has become popular of a “God of Marriage.”

“Konpira san Festival” is held on every March 10 by the local residents.

Sacred Konpira

Sacred Konpira 2


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