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Series of Kikuchi Heritage 75 (Nagata Sugawara Shrine, Shimohironaga Nishimiya Daimyojin God, and Hogyu Jizo Guardian Deity)

Last Modified:12/13/2016

Nagata Sugawara Shrine

It is located northeast of Kaminagata-ku. Sugawara Michizane is enshrined here. There are many stone statues such as Stone Lantern, Guardian Dogs, stone Torii Gate, and Sarutahiko God.

Every year, the local residents hold  festivals and rituals to keep their tradition and culture alive.

Nagata Sugawara Shrine


Shimohirocho Nishimiya Daimyojin God

The Daimyojin God is believed to have been enshrined by Takeshige, and the Daimyojin has been worshipped as a god of business success, bridging good luck and good harvest.

Hogyu Jizo Guardian Deity

It was established in Kae-ku of Shichijo in 1728.

On the back of the Jizo, a waka poem is engraved;”If you worship parents, the Gods and Buddha will be pleased.”

Hogyu JIzo Guardian




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