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Himei Bridge

Last Modified:9/30/2014
Himei Bridge

Stone Bridges in Kumamoto

Many stone bridges built during the 17th and 18th centuries still remain in Kyushu, and Kumamoto is called as “a treasury of stone bridges.” Ruler Kato Kiyomasa called stone cutters in from Shiga prefecture, and they helped make many strong arched bridges after building the Kumamoto Castle. The rock created by the big eruptions of volcano Mt. Aso was ideal for stone bridges and contributed to help the development of Stone bridge making.


Himei Bridge

Himei Arch Bridge was built in 1925, and registered as a National Tangible Cultural Property in 2,000. It is called as ”Horse Bridge” because residents could pass it riding on a horse back then. The bridge is slanted so that the logs cut in the forest can be carried as it was.


Social Education Section, Lifelong Learning Division, Education Board of Kikuchi City

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