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Friendship City of Kikuchi: Tatsugo, Kagoshima

Last Modified:9/29/2014

Friendship City:Tatsugo-Cho, Kagoshima since 2012

Tatsugou Bay

                                 Tatsugo Bay


The Sea of Tatsugou

                                The Sea of Tatsugo


                                 Saigo Takamori Site

The root of the Meiji Restoration Leader, Saigo Takamori, started from Shichijo, Kikuchi. Takamori lived about 3 years in Tatsugo Village of Amami Oshima, Kagoshima. Kikuchi and Tatsugo made an agreement to be friendship cities in 2012. We hold the popular Amami Oshima Products Fair every year at the third-sector shops in the city. Our relationship with Tatsugo is getting stronger through Saigo Takamori. 



Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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