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Sister City of Kikuchi: Nishimera, Miyazaki

Last Modified:9/29/2014
Sister City:Nishimera-Mura, Miyazaki since 1983
  Nishimera View 1

           Nishimera Village



Shisnimera View

                                 Nishimera View


Nishimera Kagura

                                 Nishimera Kagura (Sacred Dance and Music)

Nishimera, Miyazaki originally belongs to Hyuga, Miyazaki. In 1501, the head of the Kikuchi clan came and the Kikuchi family ruled the area for about 400 years. The lesson, "Respect both the literary and military arts, keep manners, and serve for the country" has been passed down as the Kikuchi spirit. Nishimera and Kikuchi Sister City Agreement was made in 1983.  At present, we visit each other, attending festivals and events every year.

In 2006, we renewed our agreement after our municipal merger. We are developing our relationship in education, culture, and industries.


Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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