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Multilingual Promotion Video and Information Website Release

Last Modified:3/18/2017

As a part of an inbound business, we have released Promotion Videos and Multilingual Information Services.

We would like to share the beautiful nature, safe food, active events, and people living in this Kikuchi city with you. We hope that our PR Videos and the Multilingual Information Services will help to invite more visitors from overseas and to promote the local business.

Scenes from our Multilingual Video

PR VIdeo

Facebook PR Video

 As a start, we created a PR Facebook page, “Relaxing Getaway Kikuchi Japan” for overseas in February, 2017. The two PR Videos are made in English, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

The videos with subtitles and narratives in the 6 languages are available.


Facebook「Relaxing Getaway Kikuchi Japan」

Multilingual Facebook Logo








We have two videos, “Nature & Events” and “Experience.”

You can see the Kikuchi Gorge, Ryumon Dam, and Ide-Venture in the" Events" Video.

The other video will show you about the Homestay tour visitors from overseas.

▼"Nature & Events" ※You can choose a language from the playlist.


▼"Experience" ※You can choose a language from the playlist.



Kikuchi City Official Tourism Website in English and Korean

Secondly, we started offering our tourism site in English and Korean in Februaly 14, 2017.

Until recently, we were using auto translation in English, Korean, and Chinese, but now, we offer the guide by manual procedure to give better and precise information.

English Website:

Korean Website:


English WebsiTop Page


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Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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