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Explore Summer

Last Modified:10/2/2014
  • Catch your Noodle, Nagashi Somen

Noodle Catching

Catch your thin wheat noodle racing by in a bamboo somen slide full of flowering cold water.  Eat the noodle with cold dipping sauce. We guarantee that Nagashi Somen will cool you down.

Time Required:  approx. 2 hours


  • Campfire Fum

Enjoy the summer night campfire


Firewood (including setting up)5,000 yen

Firewood only (without setting up) 4,000 yen

*Please make sure to extinguish the fire in a responsible way.


  • Fishing

Would you like try fishing in a nearby river? If lucky, you might be able to catch even eel besides carp and fat greenling. An expert will guide and teach you how to fish. Everybody is welcome.

Time Required: approx. 3 hours


Contact: Kikuchi Suigen Headwater Hall

Phone: 0968-25-7250





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