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The 4th Kikuchi Photo Contest Winners 2016

Last Modified:2/10/2017

  The results are in. Congratulations to the winners!


           Grand Prize:  "Swirl"  by Seiryu-no-Mori


           Second Prize:  "Kikuchi Gorge in the Kikuchi Gorge" by Ryoichi Murata


Other Entries

After Harvesting bby Kikuchi Water Sprite

           "After Harvesting" by "Kikuchi Water Sprite"


Shall we  Pray?

            "Shall we pray?" by Hiroki Mishiro


Resting Bird on Kikuchi Gorge

           "Resting Bird on the Kikuchi Gorge" by Michiaki Kuwabara


Gorge in the Sunrays

           "Gorge in the Sunrays" by "Camera Stroll"






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