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Kikuchi Gorge

Last Modified:10/7/2014

Magnificent view by the mountain streams and the rich forest for all four seasons

Kikuchi Gorge is located 17 km east of Kikuchi city and is a natural recreational forest in the north west of Mt. Aso.

Kikuchi Gorge, the primary source of Kikuchi River, is covered with a dense hardwood forest. The stream running there makes various shallows and falls, and the varied landscape is impressive.

Enjoy the four seasons of the mountain streams.

Kikuchi Gorge Fall

                                                                         Kikuchi Gorge Shimanto FallsKikuchi Gorge gush of water

                                                                     Kikuchi Gorge Mountain Stream

Summer Greens at Kikuchi Gorge

                                                                         Sun Rays through the ForestFall Colors at Kikuchi Gorge

                                                                           Fall Colors at Kikuchi Gorge

Kikuchi Gorge

                                                                                               Kikuchi Gorge


Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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