• 桜Sakura, Every Moment is Precious

  • 夏Reflections of Summer Clouds

  • 街The Town which Saw the Rise and Fall of the Kikuchi Clan

  • 渓谷Kikuchi Gorge, Harmony of Nature

  • 祭Kikuchi, Summer of the White Dragons

  • 鳥居Gate to the Sacred Ground

  • 湯East meets West at the Onsen

  • 里Relaxing Getaway from the Hustle and Bustle


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Kikuchi Gorge RiverBench The Beauty in Kikuchi

Kikuchi is blessed with many tourist attractions such as the Kikuchi Gorge with over 300...

Festivals in Kikuchi

Many festivals are held throughout the year. Let us share these festivals. Kikuchi Cherry Bloss...

Kikuchi Shrine Kikuchi, the Town which Saw the Rise and Fall of the Kikuchi...

  The Kikuchi Clan The Kikuchi clan was a family who settled in what is now Kikuchi, ...

Kikuchi Gorge

Welcome to KIKUCHI, the Town of Water, Green, and History...

  The castle town, KIKUCHI, located northeast of Kumamoto (which is in the center of Kyushu Island) has been ruled by the Kikuchi clan for 450 years from the 11th century to the 15th century.  It is said that the Kikuchi clan had been so prosperous because of the rich soil and fresh water from the outer mountains of one of the biggest volcanic mountains, Mt.Aso. Kikuchi also pr...

Explore Kikuchi

 Strolling Spots   Kikuchi Castle It is a mountain castle built to protect against...

See & Do

Cultural Experience   Dressing up as a Samurai or Lady Court Attendant How about a s...

Coutry View Shown at Rio Olympic SHARE

 Kikuchi’s Charm was chosen at Rio Olympics During Ryo Olympics and Paralympics...

Authentic and Retro Kikuchi Onsen, Hot Springs ...

  Your visit won’t be complete without a visit to a Hot spring. Japan is a volcanic ...

Freqently Asked Questions about Kikuchi...

  FAQs       General Questions  1. When is the best time ...

Kikuchi Location Map How to get to Kikuchi

Kikuchi thrives as a popular tourist designation in Kumamoto and is popular among not only Japan...

Photo Gallery

  • Lift Your Spirit by the White Dragon
  • Yok-daki River Falls
  • ȥ꡼ȥӥ塼β
  • White Dragon Dance
  • photo of Kikuchi Castle
  • Kikuchi River
  • Kikuchi Gorge Fall




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