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Kikuchi Regulars

Full of Festivals and Events through the Year in the Relaxing Country Gateway, Kikuchi.  Here is the Information of regular Festivals and Events.

Kikuchi Cherry Blossom Festival(early February to early April)

The cherry blossom season, various events such as "Kikuchi Waifu Doll Festival" and "Kikuchi Clan Festival" will be held.

Kumanichi Kikuchi Sakura Marathon

Kikuchi Summer Festival (early August)

Men parade carrying a 50m Long Giant White Dragon. In the finale, 3,000 fireworks will light up the summer night sky. The shopping streets will be decorated with Tanabata decorations.

Kikuchi Summer Festival Fireworks (early August)

Kikuchi Firefly Festa in Kyokushi

Kikuchi Fall Festival(early October)

Samurai Parade of all 24 Kikuchi Clan Generations, Kikuchi Shrine Sacred Matrix, Dance and Performance by citizen groups

Shisui Fall Festival(Novemver 3)

Chrysanthemum Figures & Chrysanthemum Festival (early October)

Honoyoi Light Festival

Shichijo Cosmos Marathon(early October)

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