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Freqently Asked Questions about Kikuchi

Last Modified:11/20/2017




Kikuchi Gorge in Fall


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General Questions 

1. When is the best time to visit Kikuchi?

Generally speaking, spring and fall are the best times to visit. Kikuchi is located in the center of Kyushu further south than Tokyo, and the summer is very hot. However, Mt. Aso and Kikuchi Gorge are quite famous sites in Japan as summer getaways. Winter is mild and might be the best time to enjoy hot springs.

2. What kind of accommodations are available in Kikuchi?

There are many Japanese-style inns and some western-style hotels in Kikuchi.

3. What are the major attractions and events in Kikuchi?

Kikuchi Gorge, Hot Springs, Cherry Blossom Festival, Summer White Dragon Festival, and a lot more. Check out the details!



1. How do I get to Kumamoto?

You can get to Aso Kumamoto Airport from major airports by air, or get to JR Kumamoto Station from major train stations by train. For details please check the access on our website.

2. Tell me about JR pass.

The JR Pass (Japan Rail Pass) is an Unlimited Rail Pass throughout the country for 7, 14, or 21 days. It may reduce your travel cost if you travel to multiple cities. You need to purchase your pass in advance.

3. Can I rent and drive a car with International Driving Permit?

Yes, you can rent and drive a car with an International Driving Permit. The minimum age for driving in Japan is 18 years. Please purchase it before leaving your country.



1. Where can I eat?

There are various restaurants and Ryokan available that serve fresh and high quality local produce. Please enjoy.

2. Do I need to pay tips?

No, tipping isn't required in Japan.

3. How are the prices?

Meals are generally reasonably priced. With a moderate budget, you can enjoy a traditional Japanese cuisine. You can eat less expensively by eating at casual restaurants or buying bento box or other food at Michi–no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area) and other places.  Farmer’s market is held on Sunday morning once a month, too. There are many high-end restaurants and Ryokans that serve gourmet dinner.



1. What is a Ryokan?  How do I make a reservation?

Ryokans are traditional Japanese-style inns. Usually they serve traditional Japanese meals and prepare futon bedding on Tatami mat for you. Most Ryokans in Kikuchi have a hot spring spa.

2. Does the stay include meals?

Often, the Ryokan stay includes meals, but you may be able to choose the stay with or without meals at most Ryokans.

3. How can I get more information?

Please check the details on our web pages or contact the Ryokan.



1. Are there any English speaking guides/tours available?  Any English tours or brochures?

There are no English speaking guides or tours, but you can get a map and some information in English at Kikuchi Tourism Association in Kikuchi Yume Art Gallery.

2. Can you explain the Onsen?  Can first time visitor try Onsen?

There are often indoor and outdoor onsen. Overnight experiences at Ryokan is a great way to get to know Japanese culture, but day spas are also available.

Anybody is welcome. (except intoxicated people and those with many tattoos)

3. Are there any golf courses?

Yes, there is one in Kikuchi. Some discount plans are available.



1. Do cell phones work in Kikuchi area? How about Wi-Fi?

Cell phones do work, but you should check your service provider about roaming.

Generally speaking, laptops and mobile devices can connect to Wi-Fi at airports, train stations, some hotels and restaurants, and coffee shops in major cities in Japan.

2. Can I use credit cards issued overseas in Kikuchi?

Unfortunately, not many places accept foreign issued credit cards yet. You can withdraw cash (Japanese yen) with major credit or debit cards from ATMs at post offices and some convenience stores.

3. Where should I go when I am in trouble? Are there any hospitals and clinics I can go to when I get sick?

Please contact Kikuchi Police, Kikuchi City Hall, or Kikuchi Tourism Association. Services are available for a fee at Clinics and Hospitals. The Emergency Clinic is open 24 hours a day throughout the year, too. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance before entering Japan.

4. What kind of food and souvenirs do you recommend?

Besides locally grown fresh produce such as rice, green tea, black shiitake mushroom, and meat, we have many Kikuchi-made sweets using Kikuchi Bland Rice, Yuzu, Chestnuts, etc. Ice cream with Kikuchi Melon and Strawberries cannot be missed.





Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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