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Last Modified:2/6/2017

 Strolling Spots


Kikuchi Castle

It is a mountain castle built to protect against attacks of China and Silla in the 7th century, and delivered weapons and food to the frontline. An octagonal dram tower, granary, barracks, and Itakura storage have been rebuilt in the vast area.

Sacred Sites

These days, magical and powerful sacred sites are popular. Kikuchi has 3 major sacred sites that are said to bring good luck, and pull many visitors from all over Japan.

  • Kikuchi Shrine

Built in 1870 by the order of Emperor Meiji to honor the Kikuchi clan. Kikuchi clan, Taketoki, Takeshige, and Takemitsu of the Kikuchi clan, who had fought for Prince Kanenaga are enshrined.

Kikuchi Shrine


Kikuchi Shrine Front Promnade


  • Kitamiya Shrine

It is said that the 17th head, Taketomo solicited donations for this shrine. Built in 1375.

The General Prince, Kanenaga's Gunsen (Ancient commander’s fan) still remains.

Kitamiya Aso Shrine


  • Shimogawara Shinomiya Shrine

It was founded in 1898 and has an elegant stone walls surrounded by thick greens.


Outdoor Adventures


Hiking Path

Enjoy walking through the terraced paddy fields, Kikuchi River, and historical sites. The bright yellow flowering mustard plants and pink cherry blossoms in the spring and colorful cosmos in the fall will please your eyes.

Foot Path



Shichijo Riverside Spring


Kikuchi Cycling

We offer 6 bike paths for beginning to advanced cyclists. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes in kikuchi.

A map is available at Michi no Eki Roadside Station and Kikuchi Tourism Produce and Promotion Center.

Contact: Kikuchi City Hall  

Phone: 0968-25-7250



Ide Venture, Kayak Ride

Kikuchi offers unique relaxing and exciting kayak rides going through woods, bridges, and tunnels in the Ide (agricultural waterway.)

Ide Joint Point




Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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