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Last Modified:2/6/2017

Cultural Experience


Dressing up as a Samurai or Lady Court Attendant

How about a short stroll in the costume of Kikuchi Clan Samurai or Lady Court Attendant. Wouldn't it be fun to capture these memories in Kikuchi. Take some photos by the statue of Takemitsu at Civic Square. (Reservation required)

Dressing Time: 10-15 min.

Cost: 1,000 yen (adult), 500 yen (child)

Location: Kikuchi Tourism Association

Phone: 0968-25-0513

Contact: Kikuchi Tourism Association for further details 

Phone: 0968-25-0513


Explore the Authentic and Historic Town on a Relaxing Two Vehicle, Rickshaw

Enjoy the Rickshaw Ride. You might hear the best-kept secret stories from your rickshaw driver while enjoying the town streets.

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays only

Cost: 3,000 yen

Time required: approximately one hour

Contact: Kikuchi Rickshaw "Sharaku Group"

Phone: 080-4289-0837

Rickshaw Ride

Zen Meditation

Humans tend to be self-centered. Find a better you and to stop being self-centered, with Zen meditation and Sutra coping practice held at Shogoji Temple.

Contact: Kikuchi Tourism Association for further details 

Phone: 0968-25-0513

 Zen Meditation


Japanese Sweets Making

You can learn traditional Japanese Sweets Making Techniques. An experienced instructor will teach you how to make the simple yet beautiful Japanese Sweets. Please join us to make an unique memento of your trip to Kikuchi.

(Reservation required)

Time Required: approx. 1hour

Fee: 600 yen


Koshi Seika Sweet Shop

Phone: 0968-25-2214

Nakahara Shogetsu Do Sweet Shop

Phone: 0968-25-2413

Japanese Sweet Making


Activities and Adventures


Green Tea Leaf Picking

Visit tea farms and enjoy picking and making your own fresh tea. 

Strawberry Sweet Making

Make Japanese Sweets with locally grown fresh strawberries.

Burdock Digging

Kikuchi is famous nation-wide for its tender and full flavored burdock.



Catch Your Noodle, Nagashi Somen

Enjoy catching the chilled somen noodles flowing with the water in the bamboo somen slide. Begin by cutting the bamboo.


An expert will guide you how to fish in a nearby river. Everybody is welcome.



Chestnut Picking

Enjoy picking chestnuts and making chestnut dumpling and sweets.

Hand Reaping

Experience the harvest in the golden rice fields.



year around

Bamboo Crafts

Make chopsticks, whistles, bamboo dragonflies, or cups with locally grown bamboo.


Details about the programs above

Required Time: Approx. 2 hours (Possibly longer)

Fee: 1,000 yen per person


Kikuchi Suigen Headwater Hall

Phone: 0068-25-7250



Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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