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Welcome to KIKUCHI, the Town of Water, Green, and History

Last Modified:2/6/2017

Kikuchi Gorge


The castle town, KIKUCHI, located northeast of Kumamoto (which is in the center of Kyushu Island) has been ruled by the Kikuchi clan for 450 years from the 11th century to the 15th century.  It is said that the Kikuchi clan had been so prosperous because of the rich soil and fresh water from the outer mountains of one of the biggest volcanic mountains, Mt.Aso. Kikuchi also produces the best quality of many produce such as rice, fruit, vegetable and meat.

Recently, "Two Thousand Years of Rice Growing in the Kikuchi River Region" was recognized as part of the Japan Heritage in April, 2017.

Kikuchi has a long history of growing high quality rice which used to be dedicated to the Imperial Court and Shogun Family in Edo period. It is a quite unique place that we can see the arts and culinary culture created by the cultural background and the rice cultivation.

Besides that, in 2020, the year of Tokyo Olympics, Norwegian Rowing Team is coming to Kikuchi for their training, and several major domestic companies are moving to Kikuchi Industry Park. Along with the news, some cultural events such as international concerts and various art fairs have been held recently. We are hoping that all these movements will expand our horizon and contribute to the economy and the culture.

Explore the relaxing hot springs, the breathtaking Kikuchi Gorge, the authentic history of Kikuchi clan, and enjoy the progressive city, KIKUCHI.

Welcome to KIKUCHI!


Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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