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Kikuchi Fall Festival (October 13-16, 2016)

Last Modified:12/1/2016



Over 1,200 Gathered

Kikuchi Fall Festival was held at Kikuchi Civic Squoare for 4 days on October 13th to 16th.

Many performances such as Giant White Dragon Dance by Kikuchi members, Shishi Odori (Lion Dance) by Sabinai Group of Iwate Prefecture, Rokucho by Tatsugo of Kagoshima Prefecture, and more appeared in the fall parade for the first time. 

Over 1,200 people gathered and they gave big cheers to the performances of Mikoshi (Portable Shrine), Shishi Odori (Lion Dance), Dance of the Kikuchi Thousand of Spears, Samurai Matrix, etc. 

 Welcoming all the families of "Kikuchi"

We held an event inviting Kikuchi families around the country. The attendants deepened their friendships through the event visiting historical sites, enjoying good performances, discussing about the Kikuchi clan at the symposium.

At the gathering on the 15th, the groups of friendship cities pleased the audience by performing traditional performing arts.

At the symposium on the 16th, a panel discussion, and a free movie preview of "Harunareya" taken in Kikuchi, followed.

Samurai Matrix1

Matsubayashi Noh1



Public Relations Section Mayor's Office, Policy and Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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