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Kikuchi Petit Episodes; Kappa Pond

Last Modified:10/1/2014

There is a pond called “Water Sprite Pond” near Kikuchi Shrine.

Parents used to tell children not to go there alone in the evening because the kappa will drag you in.

Sister city Nishimera and friendship city Tono also have various folktales.

“Kariko Male Fairy”of Nishimera

The name of “Kariko Male Fairy” came from “Kariko” who chases animals helping hunters. The Kariko Male Fairy was believed that he walked mountain ridges saying “hoy, hoy” and that he looked just like "Kariko" hunting helper. 

Kariko Male Fairy comes down to the river to protect river in the spring, and goes to mountain in the fall.

He plays a prank on people such as talking in woods, making noise in mountains.

“Kappa” of Tono
  • Kappa Ridge

Many Kappa (water sprites), that live at the edge of the river behind Joken-ji Temple, surprise you and play a prank on you.

  • Taro Kappa

Taro Kappa (water sprite), comes out from the river bank when you go there for washing and dishes.


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