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Kikuchi Petit Episodes; Otohime-jinja Shrine and Catfish

Last Modified:10/1/2014

Otohime-jinja Shrine

The name of Otohime came from the name of the Aso Goddess. There is a statue of a female holding a catfish in the south side of the shrine. There is an old legend of Otohime Shrine.

Once upon a time, when Othohime princess came down to Kikuchi from Mt. Aso, she found a gushing spring in Kyokushi. She enjoyed watching the spring with water gushing to the sky. But suddenly, the river by the spring has risen and swallowed the princess. While the village people were saddened and were too shaken to do anything else, a big catfish carried the princess to the tree and went away.

The name of “Himei” came from the princess (Hime). The statue of the princess holding a big catfish was dedicated by a man named Tokutaro in 1839.


HImei Bridge
Himei Bridge

The arched bridge over Koshi River was founded in 1925. It is the first bridge that livestock could cross, and is commonly known as Horse Bridge.


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