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The 1st head, Noritaka (year of birth unknown-1081)

Last Modified:10/17/2022
Noritaka’s Grave

In 1070, Noritaka came down to Kikuchi as an administrator of the manor at Dazaifu government.

He set up his residence in Fukagawa, and placed his children Masataka in Shichijo, Yasutaka in Kamoto, and started building their foundation to rule Kikuchi River area.

He also called a deiety for making branch shrines of Sahogawa Hachiman Shrine in Fukagawa, Kibune Shrine in Otodo, Entsuji Temple in Kyokushibenri, and many more in the river area.

Noritaka used to be believed as a descendant of the powerful Fujiwara family, however; recent research tells that powerful clans received the family name of Fujiwara by serving for them.

It is said that the name of Kikuci had been used in the same manner.

The grave was established in 1818 in Fukagawa, Kikuchi. It is said that there is a giant tomb under the grave. In 1870, the grave became a detached Kikuchi Shrine.



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