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The 12th head, Taketoki (1292-1333)

Last Modified:9/30/2014
Takefusa's grandson. After Tokitaka's death, his younger brother Taketoki took over the family as the 12th head.

The compliments of gokenin, the lower-ranking vassals, started growing along with the tight suppression by Kamakura shogunate. In Kyushu area, Hojo took the position of the commissioner.

At the time of Ryoto Tetsuritsu, Alternative Succession of Daikakuji Line (Southern Court) and Jimyoin Line (Northern Court), the Retired Emperor Godaigo at Daikakuji Line broke the Alternative Succession and called vassals to defeat the shogunate commanding Prince, Morinaga.

Taketoki became the side overthrowing the shogunate, but he could not cooperate with Otomo and Shoni, and had Takemichi and Takemitsu back to thieir home base, Kikuchi known as "Farewell at Sodegaura." Kikuchi clan fought alone and was defeated.

Human bones from the war were found at the Hakata subway construction and many bones of the Adam's apple are enshrined at the History Hall of Kikuchi Shrine.

Taketoki's Do-Zuka, Mound for severed body, and Kubi-Zuka, Mound for severed head, are both in Nanakuma, Fukuoka, and the Stone Tower for Consolation is in Yamaga, Kumamoto. Taketoki is enshrined at Kikuchi Shrine both in Kikuchi and also in Fukuoka.



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