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The 10th head, Takefusa (1245-1285)

Last Modified:10/17/2022

Takayasu's second son.  Takejiro was another of his names. Takefusa's eldest son became a chief priest of Tofukuji Temple.

Takefusa fought against Mongol Invasion Attempts of "Bunei War" in 1274 and "Koan War" in 1281 with his brother, Aritaka and his uncle, Saigo Takamasa. This is written on "Mokoshuraiezu"(Scrolls of Mongol Invasion Attempts against Japan )  by Takezaki Suenaga.

However, he received only a set of armor by the shogunate in spite of his active roles and sacrifice, and that led him to fight for the opponent side of the shogunate in his time. Many lower-ranking vassals started having compliments towards the shogunate.

In Takefusa's case, during the political power struggle of the Kamakura shogunate, he was implicated in the side being banished at "Shimotsuke Incident", and it is considered as the one of the reason that Takefusa was leaving the Shogunate's side.

Takefusa is enshrined as central deity at Shiroyama of Kikuchi Srhine. The burial is unknown.



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