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The 8th head, Noritaka (1201-1258)

Last Modified:10/17/2022

Noritsugi, Norisada's eldest son, died young, and then his son, Noritaka became the 8th head. During this time, two of Noritaka's uncles, Ietaka and Takamoto, went to Kyoto.

At Jokyu War in 1221, Noritaka fought against the government (Hojo clan) for Gotoba Joko, Retired Emperor Gotoba, but lost.

Besides the 9th head Takayasu, Takamasa, adopted by Saigo clan and fought against Mongolian Invasions, and also Kakei Kuro Takatoki, who became the head of Shokoji Castle, one of Juhachi Tojo Fort, are  Noritaka's children.

His burial is unknown.



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