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Shibue Banko (1832-1914)

Last Modified:1/21/2017

Banko, who was a son of Tondan, was believed to be a warm and delicate person compared to his older brother, Kokoku.

The Sibues had been scholars for generations, and he served as an educator and also a Shinto priest of the Kikuchi Shrine.

Banko's father Tondan had educated him, but after Tondan's death, Kinoshita Ison followed after Kinoshita Bairi and taught Banko. At the age of 25, Banko became a tutor of Hosokawa Daimyo(federal load) and had served for 7 years.

After serving as an arts and literature master of Otsu by the order of the feudal domain, he came back to Kikuchi and devoted himself to education opening a private school, “Sonshi-do," and taught 1,500 students for 43years. “Sonshi-do” was a school for those who could not get school education despite the motivation.

There is an episode to show Banka’s personality well. At the age of 59, when an Imperial tutor, Motota Nagazane passed away, Banko was recommended to succeed his position by Kiyoura Keigo, who later became Prime Minister. However, he turned down the offer saying, “Thank you for your consideration, but I am not worthy for the position.” And he devoted himself to education in Kikuchi and also served as a Shinto priest of the Kikuchi Shrine.

portrait of Shibue Banko


Social Education Section, Lifelong Learning Division, Education Board of Kikuchi City

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