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Shibue Kokoku (1830-1881)

Last Modified:11/16/2016

Shibue Kokoku is the second child of Tondan. He succeeded his father at the age of16 and became the head of Shibue School. The eldest son, Koon, had already succeeded the Shinto Priest, and Kokoku took over as the head of the family. He was good at academics and sprots, and devoted himself in education as an educator.

His younger brother, Benko left many episodes of Kokoku that tell how unique Kokoku was.

Kokoku was open-minded and went off rails by drinking. He was wild, but quite smart, and helped to educate youths.

One day, he said, “Anybody who can light my arm on fire?  and rolled up his sleeve. One student put the fire wood on Koukoku’s arm, Koukoku said gladly,” Men have to have such courage.”

When he stayed at a forestry officer’s house, the officer looked down on Kokoku. To humble the officer’s pride, Kokoku said, “You control plants and trees, but I educate human beings, who are the lords of all the creation.” and sat at the table without hesitation.

He was such a perso but he never forgot to respect his mother and brother after his father’s death, and always bowed to the direction of his home showing appreciation to his mother and father.

Kokoku died in 1881 at the age of 52. It is said that his younger brother Banka could not be Kokoku''s bedside at the moment, and shed bitter tears.



Social Education Section, Lifelong Learning Division, Education Board of Kikuchi City

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