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Record of Shibuya Family

Last Modified:12/28/2015

Shrine related to Shibue Family

For 160 years in 7 generations, the Shibue family contributed to education in Kikuchi by running a private school. (The Shibue School)

The origin of the Shibue family is believed to be the 30th Emperor, Hidatsu. Later on, the family changed the name to Tachibana and continued living in Waifu, Kikuchi. Tenchimoto Suijin is their shrine, and it has a good reputation for preventing drowning, fire, drought, water monster not only in the area of Kumamoto area but also in Kyushu region, Chugoku region , Kyoto, and Osaka.

In the middle of the Edo Period, the origin of Kikuchi academic, Shiyo Shibue appears.



Social Education Section, Lifelong Learning Division, Education Board of Kikuchi City

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