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Series of Kikuchi Heritage 77 (Anagawa Sugawara Shrine, Kunomine Kannon-do Hall & the Monument of Yukinobu)

Last Modified:4/10/2017

Anagawa Sugawara Shrine (City Intangible Cultural Heritage)

It was built near the Nakatsue main road in the center of Anagawa Area in 1715. Anagawa Kagura (sacred music and dance) is performed at Anagawa Shrine Festival on January 5th every year.

Anagawa Sugawara Shrine

Kunomine Kannon-do Hall

It is in Kunomine Daimyo-jn Shrine on the hill in Kunomine area.

A festival is held on every November 18th.


The Monument of Yukinobu

It was founded in 665. Yukinobu created 4km long Ide waterway and cultivated 8 cho 8 tan rice fields. He also made a waterway taking its water from the Koshi River to provide drinking water for the residents.

Yukinobu Festival is held on every August 15.


Kikuchi Yukinobu



Regional Development Section, Planning and Promotion Division, Policy Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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