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Kesao Takamatsuzuka Burial Mound Cave (Prefectural designated cultural property)

Last Modified:3/25/2016

There are many burial Mound Caves along the Kikuchi River and one of the decolated burial is in Kikuchi.

The decorated Kesao Takamtatsu burial mound, made in the latter half of the 6th century is a round tomb at an elevation of 138 meters. It is a Mound Cave with a diameter 24.5 meter and a height of 4 meters, and is considered to be a tomb of a powerful general in this area.

It had been broken down for a while because of grave robbers and exposure to the weather, but it was restored by a reconstruction project during 1979-1980.

kesao Takamatsuzuka Burial Mound Cave

           Kesao Takamatsuzuka Burial Mound Cave


Kesao Takamatsuzuka Inside

                                Inside of Kesao Takamatsuzuka Burial Mound


Kesao Takamatsuzuka Inside

                                Decorative Stone of Kesao Takamatsuzuka Burial Mound



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