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Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom Forecasts (as of April 14, 2017)

Last Modified:4/14/2017

The Somei-yoshino began falling, but they are still worth seeing.
We are expecting good weather for this weekend.

Please do not miss the beauty of the Kikuchi Park!

Somei-yoshino in distance 1

Somei-yoshino in distance 2

Somei-yoshino in distance 3

Weeping cherry and tulips are in the peak.

wheeping cherry

Sumizome-zakura in peak

Ukon is in half bloom. It will reach the peak this weekend.
Ukon in distance

Kanzan is in half bloom. There are still days until the peak.


Kanzan in distance

Please do not miss the beauty of the Kikuchi Park!


Sumizome Cherry at Teraono

Sumizome Cherry at Teraono  closeup


Let us introduce the Sumizome cherry at Teraono area in Ryumonji.

“If you do remember my glory in the past, pity on me in monk robe"

This tanka poetry of Sumizome cherry was written by Takehito, the 14th head of the Kikuchi clan.

The Sumizome cherry tree, which is quite unique with single and double flowers, was replanted from the temple in Teraono area.

Enjoy the beauty!

Terao-san Daien-ji Temple Kikuchi Thirty-three Kannon Temple

Address: 2597 Ryukon, Kikuchi, Kumamoto




Public Works Section, Public Works Division, Construction Department of Kikuchi City

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