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Cherry Blossom Peak Bloom Forecasts (as of April 13, 2017)

Last Modified:4/13/2017

It cleared up after many rainy days.

Somei-yoshino began falling, but they are still pretty. Please come quick!

cherry blossoms closeup

someiyoshino in distance

The red Kurume Azalea will reach the peak in the middle of May.
someiyoshino and azalea

Fugenzo began falling.


Fugenzo closeup

Umineko and Sumizome-zakura are in full bloom.

cherry blossoms closeup


Sumizome-zakura in distance

Sumizome-zakura closeup

Ukon, which has unusual green petals, are one third in bloom.

Ukon closeup

Kanzan is in half bloom.

Kanzan closeup


Kikuchi Park is blessed with many kind of cherry blossoms. Do not miss the beauty of spring!

Kikuchi Park: 493-2 Wataru, Kikuchi, Kumamoto



Public Works Section, Public Works Division, Construction Department of Kikuchi City

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