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Explore Spring

Last Modified:10/2/2014
  • Tea Leaf Picking

tea leaves picking

Green tea’s biggest benefit is the catechin that is antioxidants, and it is supposed to be good for you. Furthermore, the tea in Kikuchi picked at the mountain with an altitude of 500m has good flavor and contains low pesticide. You can enjoy the freshly picked green tea at home, too.

(Season: May)


  • Strawberry Japanese Sweet Making

Let’s make strawberry Japanese sweet with locally grown fresh strawberries. It is a little bit tricky to wrap the stuffing, but you will be surprised how delicious they are!

 (Season: March-May)


  • Burdock Digging

Kikuchi Paddy Burdock is well known in Japan.  Burdock is supposed to be beneficial for your beauty and health. Furthermore, burdock is tasty and is used in various meals. Enjoy digging the tender and full flavored burdock.

 (Season: April-May)


  • Time and Cost

Required Time: Approx. 2 hours (possibly longer)

Basic fee: 1,000 yen per person


  • Contact

Kikuchi Suigen Headwater Hall

Phone: 0968-25-7250



Regional Development Section, Planning and Promotion Division, Policy Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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