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Volunteers Needed!

Last Modified:6/16/2017

A Cycling Event; “Kikuchi Ride 2017” in Kikuchi sponsored by Kumamoto Cycling Organization will be held in July 30, 2017.

We are now accepting volunteers. Students are more than welcome.  Let’s give a boost to this event together!

We need

A: volunteers who can lead teams by bicycle or mortar bike

B: volunteers who can work at the aide station (distributing water)

C: volunteers who can cheer on the streets

How to Apply

Please e-mail or call us at:

Planning and Promotion Division of Kikuchi City Hall

(your name, gender, age, address, contact address, and preference)


Friday June 30, 2017


Enjoy Kikuchi Course (approximately 68km)

Kikuchi Civic Square-Hazama Bridge-Ryumon Dam-Kikuchi Mizu-no-Eki-Wakaki-suigen Headwaters-Shiki-no-Sato Kyokushi- Roadside Station Kyokushi-Roadside Station Shisui- Shisui-Maekawa-suigen Headwaters-Shichijo Onsen Dome-Shichijo Melon Dome-Kesao-Kikuchi Civic Square

Meeting the Waters Course (approximately 32km)

Kikuchi Civic Square-Tsuiji Ide Waterway-Kawaharu-Roadside Station Kyokushi-Sumiyoshi-Roadside Station Shisui-Maekawa-suigen Headwaters-Shichijo Melon Dome-Kikuchi Civic Square


Local Promotion Section, Planning and Promotion Division of Kikuchi City

Phone: 0968-25-7250

cycling volunteers needed  flyer


image for flyer

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Regional Development Section, Planning and Promotion Division, Policy Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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