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Helianthus tuberosus and yacon harvest hands on tour

Last Modified:12/19/2018

We had harvest hands on tour of Helianthus tuberosus and yacon which are getting famous as healthy ingredients 9 and 15/Dec/2018.

We took a walk about 1.2km watching terraced rice field and stunning views, and  had meditation and vegetarian food at Shogoji to detox from inside the body.



Then, we had hands on tour of Helianthus tuberosus and yacon in Kikuchi city.

This year, we titled as "digging up Helianthus tuberosus and Yacon competition" with weight and length for the luxury prize.



We had a lecture and deepen the knowledge from producers and a professor from agriculture course of Tokai University about professional cultivation and nutrition.


Takahashi-san who runs restaurant in the city made a dish, that everyone can easily cook, and lectured the points with good of ingredient.


Attendees said "It was a great tour such as Shogoji and hands on", "I tried the best and enjoyed at the competition with weight and length"


We would like to thank to all attendees!





Brand Promotion Section, Agriculture Administration Division, Economic Department of Kikuchi City

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