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Kikuchi Furusato Taiken Kyougikai

Last Modified:8/7/2019

Kikuchi Furusato Taiken Kyougikai is a group or gathering of people who are aiming to collaborate each other to enhance the communication in citizen through the stay and life experience with regional features of Kikuchi city, and create the financial income chance.


Currently there are 6 members who are accepting the stay.

"It's not the luxury room but let's stay where the friendly father and mother welcome.

There are warm people who welcome your stay, even in unfamiliar place and different age.

Let's take off your strained mind, and take out your relaxed mind.  This is going to be memorable. "

We act in a such concept.


Details of activities:

  1. Planning and implementation based on farm stay.
  2. Development and implementation of farm stay and experience programme.
  3. Promotion of emigration through farm stay.
  4. Human resource development of host.
  5. Transmission of information about Reginal resource, and network making.
  6. All other activities to reach the goal of the authority.




Farm stay basic plan

1night (include breakfast and dinner) 10,800 yen

  • Bath is onsen in Kikuchi city
  • Original hands on learning of each host


You can make meal that has variety of local ingredients with a host.

There are unique hands on menu in each host.

You can have a bath in onsen in Kikuchi city.

Please enjoy the communication with local people in onsen.

Hope you enjoy the richness of nature throught your five senses.

*We are flaxible to your requests. Please let us know in advance.


Host contact list:

Hoshinosato: Tel 090-5285-2286

Kikunofuji: Tel 080-4295-3664

Kakinohaan: Tel 090-7469-4864

Souzugawa: Tel 090-4483-2457

Tel 090-9406-5504

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Please download the brochure below.


Please check our facebook page as we update the latest information.


Kikuchi Furusato Taiken Kyougikai Jimukyoku

Tel: 070-4485-7120(Ms.Takemura)




Regional Development Section, Planning and Promotion Division, Policy Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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