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Kikuchi Gorge Photo Postcards are Ready!

Last Modified:1/11/2017

Because of the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016, Kikuchi Gorge is still closed even though reconstruction is in process.

This time, we made photo postcards to share and not forget the beauty of Kikuchi Gorge. Please enjoy.

How to buy

The postcards are available at PR events sites, business meetings, and through mail order after sending an application. You can either

1. mail: Management Committee to Clean Kikuchi Gorge

Division of Commerce and Tourism

Waifu 888, Kikuchi City, Kumamoto Prefecture 861-1392 Japan

2. fax: 0968-25-1123


3. e-mail:

Please download:   application for post cards

 Photo Postcards 

photocards1Kikuchi Gorge photocards 2Kikuchi Gorge photocards 3

Kikuchi Gorge photocards 4Kikuchi Gorge photocards 5Kikuchi Gorge photocards 6

Kikuchi Gorge photocards 7Kikuchi Gorge photocards 8








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Tourism Promotion Section, Commerce and Tourism Division, Economy Department of Kikuchi City

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