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The 54th Cycling Event (July 31, 2016)

Last Modified:8/25/2016

Ryumon Dam Cycling Event
Shichijo Cycling Event
Ryumon Dam
Cycling Event Goal

”The 54th Cycle Sports” was held with the help of Kumamoto Cycling Organization. It was the second time to be held in Kikuchi.

Many cyclists from elementary school children up to seniors in their 70's cycled in the town going through Ryumon Dam, rice paddies, tea farms, and attraction spots while enjoying the nature and local specialties.

Many residents waved flags on the side of the street and also helped provide food and drinks. Join us next year!


Bike Parking

Bike Parking and Bike Pump are available here.

• Kikuchi Local Produce and Promotion Center

• Ron-Ron-Kan

• Michi-no-Eki Kyokushi, Kyokushi Village Freai Center

• Shichijo Onsen Dome

• Shichijo Melon Dome

We will be waiting for you.


Regional Development Section, Planning and Promotion Division, Policy Planning Department of Kikuchi City

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