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The Fifth Kikuchi Video&Photograph Contest Winners 2017

Last Modified:3/28/2017

The results are in. Congratulations to the winners!



Grand Prize: “Hojunkyo Bridge Footpath” by Takashi Murakami


Second Prize: “Kikuchi Delicacy; Suiden Burdocks” by Katsutoshi Saeki



“Hometown of Springwater” by Katsutoshi Saeki

“Unusual Festival in Kikuchi” by Katsutoshi Saeki




Grand Prize: “Lift Your Spirit by the White Dragon” by Rikiya Kumabe

 Lift Your Spirit by the White Dragon


Second Prize: “Konomiya Dance” by Hideshi Tanigawa

konomiya Dance by Hideshi Tanigawa


Mayor’s Award: "Front Path After the Rain” by Tatsuhiko Yamamura

Front Path after ther Rain by Tatsuhiko Yamamura


Other Selected Works

“The Morning in Gold” by Hirohito Ando

 The Morning in Gold by HIrohito Ando


 “Golden Senjojiki” by Seiryu-no-Mori

Golden Senjojiki by Seiryu-no-Mori


“Fireworks” by Hiroshi Yokoda

Fireworks by Hiroshi Yokota


“Inherited Tradition” by Harusa Shibukawa

Inherited Tradition by Haruki Shibukawa





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