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Nature in Kikuchi

Last Modified:12/4/2014

Enjoy the Beauty of the Nature in Kikuchi! 

Kikuchi River

                                                                         The  Sunset on Kikuchi River

Lake Hanja

                                                                                                  Lake Hanja

Kikuchi Gorge

                                                                                              Kikuchi Gorge

RIce Paddy                                                                                                Rice PaddiesMt. Kuradake                                                                                                Mt.KuradakeMt. Kuradake in Winter

                                                                                 Mt. Kuradake in Winter

Snow Covered Town of Kikuchi                                                                      Snow Covered Town of Kikuchithe Purple Horizon                                                                                       The Purple HorizonTorii at Kikuchi Shrine                                                                           Torii Gate to Kikuchi ShrineBirds in a V-Formation                                                                                  Birds in a V-Formationthe sunset

                                                                       The Sunset over the Mountain

Cherry Blossoms at the approach to Kikuchi Shrine

                                         Cherry Blossoms at the Approach to Kikuchi Shrine

Pink in the Spring

                                                                                         Pink in the Spring
Cherry Blossoms at Night                                                                              Cherry Blossoms at Night


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