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Village of Kikuchi

Last Modified:11/2/2022

Kikuchi Tourism Theme Song "Village of Kikuchi" is ready.

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Kikuchi is blessed with many tourist attractions such as Kikuchi Gorge where over 300,000 people visit every year. Kikuchi Hot Spring has been nominated as one of the top 100 Hot Springs. Kikuchi not only has beautiful nature with cherry blossoms, cosmos, and fireflies, but also historic sites of Kikuchi clan and more.

Kikuchi Attraction and Tourism Committee and a Kikuchi born musician, Tatsunari Yakabe created a new theme song, “Village of Kikuchi."

You can listen on this homepage. Please enjoy.


    Village of Kikuchi                     

                                                                    Produced by Tatsunari Yakabe  Song by Yoko Saeki

I Went on a journey longing for a getaway

The murmur of the gorge and the refreshing water

The family chain of a clan and relaxing famous hot springs

The name of the place is Kikuchi

The Kikuchi rice is a feast after a relaxing onsen

The beautiful sceneries flash back, again

Strolling after dinner

The beautiful rows of cherry blossoms

Walking more, their reflections on the Kikuchi River

Cosmos petals blown by wind, guiding us to everybody’s gathering Ariake

Flowers are welcoming, happy time goes on, and the sun going down

the dark blue screen goes down and night approaches

The twinkle in sight, the fireflies shining on the water

The sites I stopped by are charming and the town made me forget the time passing

Hope I can visit this town, again

Pleasing my senses and making me smile

I promise that I will be back to this town glistening

I want everybody to know this hometown, Kikuchi

Village of Kikuchi

Village of Kikuchi pop

Village of Kikuchi piano




Tourism Promotion Section, Commerce and Tourism Division, Economy Department of Kikuchi City

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