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Kumamoto Earthquake Documentary Film, "Kikuchi won't give up, Kumamoto won't give up"

Last Modified:7/7/2017

Kumamoto Earthquake screen shot

The documentary film that has recorded the disaster, the support given to us from all over the country, and also the people fighting for recovery is ready.

We have received so much support from not only in Japan but also from other countries.

We hope that you will see us working hard, believing in a better future with your generous support.

Twenty two years from the Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and almost seven years from the Tohoku Earthquake have passed. In Kumamoto, many prompt relief activities were taken based on these experiences.

We are not going to forget the tragedy and victims. We have recorded the Kumamoto Earthquake to learn from it and prepare for the future.

Nine months have passed since the Kumamoto Earthquake. The damages and scars are still here. We hope that this video will help to learn from the experience and hand down the record to the next generation. 

Thank you in advance for your support.

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